Rehab with Kelly: Hip Relief

Stretching, Stability and Strength training for Hip Injuries and Imbalances,
whether you are prehabing or rehabbing the niggles in your Hips you will benefit
from this class - this one is very near and dear to my heart, my gymnastics
career ending injury in my hip (Massive Labrum tear) has been restored to full
function by incorporating classes like this weekly. I'm able to go through my
everyday life without pain, I've increased my quality of life and the functionality
of my hip improves daily! I could not recommend it more! You'll need a block,
mini band loop and a thick band loop.

Filmed at Kingsize


PracticeRehabilitative Stretching and Strength Training


Duration30 min


EquipmentBlock, Mini Band, Thick Band & Slider Discs

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